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Wind Operation and Maintenance (O&M) support through engineering and data

Windy Productions was started as a side project in August 2019, in an attempt to surf the wave created by wind. In an industry of rapid growth and innovation, opportunity is both ever present and fleeting. Turbines are developed in record time and perhaps only in production for five years before manufacturers divert investments into bigger platforms. Then wind turbine owners spend the next 25 years figuring out and managing these £1m/MW assets with the handover equivalent of a fart in an elevator. In an attempt to redress this balance of information and engineering there are company’s that seek to understand, innovate and solve the problems left behind. Windy Productions seeks out these companies and tries to understand the best way to position and represent their offerings to the wind farm owners that stand to benefit.

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Our values

  • Here for a long time not a good time – by operating with integrity and discretion relationships are preserved and nurtured rather than burned for a quick buck. We aspire to retire in the wind industry with a reputation as as reliable and trustworthy business.
  • If I could afford a wind turbine (keep dreaming) would I buy this product or service?
  • Keep your promises – be counted among the salespeople that deliver on their promises, are transparent in their activities and add value to organisations.
  • Earn your money, don’t take it – the best business relationships are founded on mutual success.
  • Collaborate rather than compete – whilst healthy competition is good in any sales team, seek to add value, share knowledge and collaborate to ensure that we go far together rather than fast alone.
  • Be humble – the rivers are fed by the rain from the mountains, ask questions and seek to understand

  • sales@windyproductions.com
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Dakota Johnston

CEO & Founder

Taylah Tolmie

Turbine Engineer

Jasmine Parrott

Design Expert

Toby Sampson

Solar Engineer
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