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Ping & Eologix's standalone wind turbine blade CMS

Whatever damages your WTG blades have, Ping-Eologix have the condition monitoring solution to improve your decision making and reduce the cost of your repairs and turbine downtime. 

Lightning Strike Damage
Lateral Cracks
Leading Edge Erosion

Monitor lightning strikes remotely

Record the time of lightning strikes to support insurance claims and understand whether your blades have been damaged. Keep an eye on blade health in between drone inspections. 

Holistic Blade CMS Hardware

Standalone CMS to target specific failure modes. No need for OEM integration, easy to install and wireless. 

Track damage progression remotely

  • Improve blade decision making
  • Reduce the cost of blade repairs

Detect Icing on the surface of the blade

Record ice build up on blades to the nearest mm using Ping-Eologix’s on-blade system. Perform automatic remote resets of your WTG optimised for revenue, safety and loads. Reduce icing downtime and monitor ice levels during idle and standstill. 

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