PCB Repair

Driver card repair, board repair, HMI repair for Enercon wind turbines. Specialist electronics repairs for wind turbine components and legacy support for old wind turbines. 


Your board repair partner in wind

We offer a 24 hour service for certain components to reduce downtime during critical component failures. We can arrange collection from site and provide a premium service in the UK mainland. Using state of the art diagnostics, re-engineering and testing facilities we ensure quality throughout and provide a 12 month warranty on all repairs. 

Ensuring reliable wind turbine component repairs

Our technicians take working boards and map them through a reverse engineering process. From this they are able to establish a test for each component and benchmark quality units. We replace all wearing components like capacitors, relays, cooling fans and analogue switches. Once a board has been repaired using like for like components then it is put onto a test bench to check its functionality. We test on programmable dynamic loads, use thermal imaging to identify hot spots and can static load test up to 100kW. Once the test has been completed, you’ll be provided with a report to show the work and tests performed.  

PCB Repair Image

HMI Repair

Broken, antiquated screens for wind turbine controllers can be an issue when troubleshooting, especially on legacy turbines. Non responsive displays can typically be fixed through changing the internal power supply. The backlights can cause issues with display clarity and these are addressed through changing these components. When units come in for repair, we change all fatigued components to ensure a long  service life when installed back into the wind turbine. 



What wind turbine components do we repair? 

The business is setup to repair multi-brand power electronic components. We don’t care what you have, all our repairs are treated the same. The most experienced platform we have is Enercon which should tell you everything you need to know about our capabilities. We also have experience with Senvion, Vestas and GE components. 


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