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Where The Wind Takes You


Adventures of a Wind Turbine Engineer

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What’s is about?

What is life really like, one hundred metres above solid ground, working on a wind turbine? Rookie technician Aaron is about to find out. Clambering up his first tower, he’s a mixture of fear and exhilaration – a state of mind he will get very used to. This book is a mixture of his experiences, and those of the men he meets as he travels around Scotland, Australia and the USA: all true. They fall out of turbines, crash company cars, almost drown, stop a turbine with a shotgun, escape lightning storms and have to share their cramped work environments with their colleagues’  bowel movements. And that’s just the day job. After hours, armed with a company credit card and bored, Aaron gets into scrapes he hadn’t bargained for. Is he tough enough to work in wind?

Who is it for?

  • Difficult-to-buy-for fathers, brothers, boyfriends & grandads
  • Anyone with toilet-humour
  • People interested in what goes on in wind turbines
  • People interested in getting into wind
  • People looking for an addition to their downstairs toilet book collection

Who is Alex Pucacco?

Email: stories@windyproductions.com


Is it any good?

Does it have pictures?

  • Yes

How many toilet stories are there?

  • 14

Are the stories all true?

  • Yes

What is the book for?

  • To provide insight into the human element of the wind industry
  • Raise money for mental health charities
  • Promoting Windy Productions